Tweaking Details & Going Live Soon

A Personal Message for You!

My deepest apologies for taking so long. I have been SO very busy with vehicle breakdowns, work and commuting that I haven't had the time to commit for my personal site here. HOWEVER, it will be going live May 1st sometime, and I will complete any tweaking afterword. The good news is I believe I have a reliable vehicle and I am on the home stretch on the work project that's been on my brain for some time now. Which means a little more time for website work, new articles, new code and the continuance of the huge project still in the works called the SpaCms, a Single Page Application that is a Social Content Management System I am creating for the benefit of wildlife animal welfare. Below is a sample of the new code display styling that I will be featuring for us geeks, but the fun stuff for all will also be back soon. Hope you like and enjoy the new format and design!


I'm a Software Developer in the Midwest USA and work with PHP5+, CSS3, HTML5, Javascript ES6/ES7, MINT, H5-Boilerplate, Bootstrap, localForage and much more. I am currently leveraging my resources & after this is complete will turn my attention towards the KnotAlone domain & working on a special project: SPACMS. I also enjoy Photogtaphy, Writing, being a Spraypaint Artist & Rush fan, am a beginning woodworker and I support animal welfare.